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New video up! we love you nemeia!!
Community standards update AUG 20 2019 Section 3 Player conduct Adding on after section  E Will be known as section F f) **Complaints** and how to handle them: We understand that at times, members of the community may have an issue or disagreement with a fellow member. Here is a step-by-step process on how to...
Hey TSO team! a few updates for everyone: with our Battlyfy account now live we will soon be hosting more tournaments. Sign up at the Battlefy website and stay tuned for updates – Gamercash has recently posted the updated minecraft rules, you can view them under the Game Rules text chat on discord, or the...
WoW Classic Update: We are rolling on Fairbanks PVP Alliance – hope to see you all there on the 27th!
Minor updates to the website – About us section, mod list and game rules. Discord permission issues fixed. Work on our first tournament is underway! Updates to come!
Welcome to our newest moderators Nemeia & Jessy! we recently started hosting our own minecraft server! talk to Gamercash for details!
Hey all! Our paypal is now accepting donations, these help us keep the website running! and allow us to give out prizes for our giveaways and competitions! All donations help! and give us the continued ability to hold contests etc!
Had an amazing birthday bash! thanks for coming everyone! gave away some great prizes, and had a lot of fun! Planning on another giveaway soon! – thank you everyone for your continued support and hard work
Our first competition has been completed! The winners: Daretoachv, Pureslicht &Hazard. Thank you everyone for your submissions! Stay tuned for further updates!
ANNOUNCING our first ever competition! – “Show Us Your Rig” post photos in the show us your rig discord channel for a chance to win one of 3 prizes. 2 prizes of a months premium to Crunchy Roll and a MTG online card deck!
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