Why cant I see the whole discord server? I only see 3 rooms.

Have you accepted our Terms Of Service (ToS) in the “welcome-to-tso “channel in Discord.  Type “{agree”   in the chat channel to unlock our discord.

How old is TSO?

We are 7 years old!  Approaching 8, founded by Lycovan & Keroshu in 2012.


What is TSO?

TSO is a multi-platform cross gaming community.

How was TSO started?

The Silver Order is the third incarnation of a guild in World Of Warcraft, Originally known as Vigilant Pride then Later as Mercenary,  in 2012 The Silver Order was born.  Shortly there after we decided to expand our ideas into a Cross Gaming Community.

What Makes TSO Different?

What makes us different?   Our members of course!  Our ever growing community fosters the very best there is in gamers online.  A healthy and toxic free community, everyone works together to keep it that way!

What is a cross gaming community?

A cross gaming community is a group of players who enjoy gaming together over multiple games and platforms.

What Games do you play?

We are involved in many games!  Please see our “Games” page to see  a list of active games.  This isn’t and inclusive list,  just games we are most involved in.  Most of our members also play many other  games and use Discord as a hub!

Some of our other unlisted games include  VR-Chat,  C.A.H. -(Cards Against Humanity) Online, Star Citizen,  Hero’s of the Storm,  Hearthstone & many more!

Are there requirements to join?

We ask that you be the age of 18 or older ( Some exceptions made pending admin review )  Don’t be toxic to other players, and be respectful.  Be active and promote our community.  We are an inclusive organization, and believe in bringing the very best out of our player base.

Why do you use Discord?

Through the years we have used many VOIP programs, everything from Teamspeak and Mumble to Ventrillo.  We have found in the ever evolving world of online gaming, no other platform has come close to what we need like discord.

Do I need to be active in Discord to be a member?

The short answer is no, although not required to join one of our Guilds in the many games we play, it is highly encouraged as over 90% of our members use Discord.  Not only as  the Local Hub, but a gathering area for all our games.

Does it cost to join?

No, base membership will always be free,  our subscribed package only unlocks access to  tournament entry.  Membership in the community will always be free.

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