August 20 2019 Update

Community standards update AUG 20 2019

Section 3 Player conduct

Adding on after section  E

Will be known as section F

f) **Complaints** and how to handle them: We understand that at times, members of the community may have an issue or disagreement with a fellow member. Here is a step-by-step process on how to deal with issues as they arise.

1) Keep member issues and disagreements out of text channels.
2) Give them the benefit of the doubt – never assume anything. Attempt to find some common ground.

3) Talk out the issues in a private voice channel, or private message and attempt to find a compromise.

4) If you can’t find common ground, take screenshots and send to an active moderator or admin. They will join your conversation to help mediate a solution.

5) If you refuse to talk to the person in question, or mediating a solution seems impossible, send an elaborate complaint to one of our Moderators or Admins. *Moderators are available 24/7*

g)  Voice Channel usage:

Utilize the channels we have. As an example, If a duo are doing a 2v2 match and want to be left alone, a Moderator can set the user limit to two, locking out other players from joining the channel. __You need only Ask!__

If you feel we need a new channel added, feel free to talk to Keroshu or Lycovan.

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