August 18 2019 Update:

Hey TSO team! a few updates for everyone: with our Battlyfy account now live we will soon be hosting more tournaments. Sign up at the Battlefy website and stay tuned for updates –

Gamercash has recently posted the updated minecraft rules, you can view them under the Game Rules text chat on discord, or the about us section of the website.

Minecraft server costs: As it sits right now its $22 USD a month to keep the minecraft server up! we run off donations so please help out if you are able! there is a donate button on the homepage of the website, and you can set up one time or reoccurring! once you have donated let Keroshu or Gamercash know how much & name, so we can earmark it for minecraft!

New Discord integration: After lots of trial and error / work we have finally linked the news to the discord server! so now updates from the website will live post in our announcements channel!

Community meeting will be next Saturday August 24 at 3pm server time GMT -7 be there for more updates!

WoW Classic: Launch date is the 27th! Be excited. Rolling on Fairbanks Alliance PVP – hope to see you there!!!

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